Information on Cemeteries in Clay County, Iowa can be found here.


  Clay County, Iowa - Cemeteries

Bethlehem Lutheran


Burr Oak 


Sioux Rapids
Clay Center 


1st Reform Church
(formerly Cromwell Center)
Waterford Everly
Dickens-Freeman  Freeman Dickens
Evergreen  Summit Fostoria
Fanny Fern  Douglas Sioux Rapids
Fairview-Meadow  Meadow Langdon
Garfield Garfield Webb
Liberty  Herdland Greenville
Lincoln Township  Lincoln Rossie
Logan Township  Logan Gillett Grove
Lone Tree   Lone Tree Everly
North Lawn Memorial Sioux Spencer
Oakland Peterson Peterson
Osborn Private Herdland Webb
Prairie Creek Lincoln Rossie
Welsh Pioneer Douglas Linn Grove
Riverside Riverton Spencer
Rose Hill Gillett Grove Gillett Grove
Sioux Sioux Spencer
Swedish Lutheran Lincoln Spencer
Tremello Clay Royal
Willow Creek Clay Royal
Zion Methodist Douglas Linn Grove

Pioneer Cemetery Commission

1.      Pursuant to Iowa Code Section 331.325, a Pioneer Cemetery Commission is established to assume jurisdiction and management of all pioneer cemeteries in Clay County, Iowa, except for those cemeteries that are managed and/or regulated pursuant to Chapters 566 and 566A of Iowa Code.

2.   The Commission shall consist of five persons, residents of Clay County, Iowa, appointed by the Board of Supervisors.

3.   The Commission shall have authority to propose such rules and regulations governing its organization and procedures as it shall deem necessary. 

Pioneer Cemetery Commission Members

 Chairman - Ken Chalstrom (                712-260-8224

Vice Chairman - John Sheridan  (              712-363-3477

Treasurer - Brian Carlson (               712-260-2074

Secretary - Joel Roos (                    712-260-6621

Darrell Frerichs (                             712-260-0322

 Ex-Offico:  Burlin Matthews (                        712-240-8219 

Assistant County Attorney Barry Sackett ( ) 712-330-5248


Memorial honoring Military Personnel outside Peterson

Cemetery outside Peterson

Tri Mello Cemetery near Everly

Tri Mello cemetery near Everly