Downloadable forms from the Clay County Environmental Health office.


  Clay County, Iowa Environmental Health Forms

  RADON Information
Radon Information Sheet
Radon - Building a new home?
Radon - Risk if you Smoke or don't Smoke...
Radon - Take a quick quiz to see how much you know about Radon

Homeowner Quick Guidelines: Flood

How Do I Get Bats Out of My Home?

Health Physics News - April 2010 Newsletter
Swimming Fact Sheet

Tanning Fact Sheet

County Nuisance Ordinance
Chronic Wasting Disease
Managing a Flooded Well (2019)
Private Water Well Rehabilitation Record
Private Well Water Test Form
Private Water Well Construction Permit
Waste Water Construction Inspection Permit
Groundwater Hazard Statement
Instructions for Completing the Groundwater Hazard Statement
Inspection Agreement - Binding Knowledgement for Future Inspection
Inspection Exemptions
Inspection Report (DNR Form 542-0191)
Inspection Waiver - Binding Acknowledgement for Future Installation
Inspection Agreement - Binding Acknowledgement for Future Inspection
Septic System Inspection Authorization
Inspection Waiver for Building Demolition


Glaciel boulder - Peterson, Iowa

Grace Congregational Church bell - Greenville, Iowa

Eagle carving

Peterson Fire Department bell