The Clay County, Iowa Treasurer provides information on motor vehicles such as renewals and registration.


  Clay County Treasurer - Motor Vehicles

Online Motor Vehicle Renewals
You are not eligible to renew online unless you received a renewal notice through the US Postal Service that contains a PIN number for online renewals.  Half-year license and apportioned vehicles are not eligible for online renewal.

Many forms used in the Tax and Motor Vehicle may be accessed and printed at this website.  You may also pay property taxes online.  Click on this link - Iowa State County Treasurers Association - and follow the instructions.  Payment may be made with Discover, MasterCard, Visa and by e-check.

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Beginning October 1, 2020, If you fly commercially you’ll either need a REAL ID compliant license or ID. To find out the documents you need to bring in with you go to or contact our office at 712-264-3917.

The Motor Vehicle Department handles the following responsibilities:
  Vehicle titles - all types of vehicles - cars, trucks, trailers, motorcycles, truck-tractor, and semi-trailers in Clay County
  Motor vehicle registration renewals
  Duplicate, salvage, in lieu and in transit titles
  Junking certificates for vehicles that are dismantled or no longer operable
  Prepare reports for the Iowa Department of Transportation
  Personalized and other special license plates
Stores vehicles
Records and releases security interests
Collects use tax, registration, and document fees
Processes credits and refunds of vehicles transferred
Serves as an agent of the Iowa Department of Transportation and Department of Revenue and Finance
Prepares monthly reports for the Iowa Department of Transportation
Work with Department of Transportation Investigators
Submits accurate financial records for annual audit

Motor Vehicle Registration
Renewal notices are sent the month prior to the registration month.
License plates may be renewed in the month prior, the month of registration, or the month following to avoid penalty.
Truck and Truck-Tractors 6 ton and over are registered on a calendar year basis.
If renewed by mail, add $.50 per vehicle for postage fee.
Penalty of 5% per month or a minimum of $5.00 will begin after the one-month grace period following the expiration date on your registration fees.
A replacement title may be issued if a title is lost, destroyed, or altered.  A $25.00 fee and a 5-day waiting period are required.  The owner(s) on the current title must sign the application form, or if a lien is noted, the lien holder must sign.
Refunds on the un-expired portion of license fee may be available if your vehicle has been sold or junked.  Be sure to remove your plates and keep your registration.  Refunds for less than $10.00 are not issued.
Method of Payment - Credit Card, Debit Card or e-Check online; Credit Card and Debit Card are accepted in our office.
All vehicles seven (7) years old or newer require a damage disclosure statement and all vehicles nine (9) years old and newer require an odometer statement.
Vehicles may be stored.  The vehicle must be currently registered, and registration and plates must be surrendered to the County Treasurer.  There is no charge for storing a vehicle.
Payment of full year license fee is required to take a vehicle out of storage.
Vehicles may be junked.  Title, registration, and plates must be surrendered to the County Treasurer.  A junking certificate will be issued.  If the un-expired portion of the license fee is more than $10.00, a claim for refund may be applied for.  When a vehicle has been junked, it can never be re-titled again.  There is no cost for a junking certificate.
Iowa law requires new residents to register their vehicle with the County Treasurer within 30 days from the date residency is established.
New residents of Iowa must surrender the original out-of-state Certificate of Title and complete and Iowa application Title.  All owners must sign the application.  Call (712) 262-2179 for further assistance.

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