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Emergency Management

Contact Information

Eric Tigges

EMA Coordinator



Clay County EMA

Administration Building

300 West 4th Street

Suite 6A

Spencer, IA 51301









Monday - Friday

8:00am - 4:30pm

Duties of the Emergency Management Agency

As prescribed by Iowa Code, the Clay County Emergency Management Agency is overseen by a commission comprised of the mayor of each community,

a representative of the Board of Supervisors and the County Sheriff.


Our Mission in Clay County is:

 To Prepare
 To Respond
 To Recover
 To Mitigate

This is to provide a service to local communities and the county, helping them with all that may affect them. We are involved with all responders in the County also to help train, make plans for, and respond to incidents. Clay County Emergency Management is also taking a active part in building

a regional response. We are also very active in Amateur Radio in and around our county, we have built a well trained SKYWARN group of storm spotters with nearly 70 members from around the area to respond when the weather turns bad; amateurs are also involved with providing communications in times of need. i.e.:

power outages, storm damage, and other natural or man-made incidents.

History of the Emergency Management Agency